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2. Women Kakhi Jeans Revolution

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Kakhi Revolution

I love jeans and so much so the old classic stories about them though limited.
During the Cultural Revolution in China many civilians wore khaki military clothing to demonstrate their revolutionary allegiance. The men had straight loosely fits while the Kakhi Pants for women was baggy from the buttocks to the ankle and worn especially amoung the villagers and building labourers. From a far we couldn't tell the difference between women and men anyway other than the drab beige soil colour. Back then, with a population of 800 million Chinese, khakis seemed to have outnumbered jeans worldwide. Jeans soon overtook the traditional Cultural Revolution khakis when the Chinese adopted a market economy and then there was fashion sense. Did the khakis disappear, no, in fact it became part of jeans ever since jeans evolved in design and shape. As we know jeans material also know as denim, likewise khakis too adopted some denim material in the Far East. But ten again, Khakis were from England after all and it was introduced to China before the last Qing dynasty. I guess as communism being all equal, both sexes looked equal in the fashion sense, no, not anymore.

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Jeans History we know

Jeans are rugged, stylish and make a person looking a sort of outdoor and adventurous and are very popular casual dress worldwide. Coming in many styles and colors it however started off from blue or simply called blue jeans. It became particularly popular with the Americans becoming a part of their old wild-wild west culture?  I’m not particularly sure when the Indians’ began wearing them but they may simply been influenced of simply a Hollywood ploy in some movies I guess as Jeans became popular in America after World War 2. Make sense?
Jeans were beginning to become part of a daily adaptation but in terms of popularity worldwide since WW2 but what was more “popularly” worn were actually khakis.

Remembering Jeans are trousers or pants made from denim or dungaree cloth, also referred to as Blue Jeans. This was first invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873, this would give you an idea of the first brand name and coming to think that Mr Levi Strauss actually ran a dry goods business in Germany before moving to New York in 1951 then to Los Angles two years later to still establish his, well, dry good business of course.

The origin of Jeans is from Genoa, Italy, which is famous for its cotton corduroy. The fabric used on Jeans then was similar perhaps same to corduroy and sailors in Genoa use it to cover and protect their goods on the docks from the weather similar to waxed canvas sheets. These then became popular towards end of the 19th century and spread to Europe. Its name originated from the word “Gênes” the French meaning of the city of Genoa. Of course the French tried to reproduce the jeans material without success; instead they used some thicker cotton twill fabric which was called “De Nimes” of simply sounded Denim. Only at the end of the nineteenth century did jeans arrive in the United States. When it did, it picked up, these were at times called canvas pants as they were particularly thick and stiff like cardboard. But the more you wore it softened somehow, when torn in places a little here and there it looked rugged Idistressed jeans). At least we know this is a returned fashion statement these days, the rest is history.

Whats the Kakhi Jeans for Women point here?

It's the women fashion on demand (men on the lesser) that not only jeans becam known as Denim Kakhis or Kakhi Jeans for women, Jeans bermudas, Jeans Skirts, Distressed Jeans, Stretch jeans, Yoga Jeans, Bootcut jeans and the likes, jeans are not blue anmore, not denim, not heavy, not thick but a comfort clothing transformed from the early gowdown sacks back then in the docks of Genoa.


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