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7. Buying Women Jeans online on eBay sucks, Amazon sucks

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Big equals trust

As store size is about trust when we buy from a large online store but size come with some frustrations too. Beneath these bemoth portals are thousands of hungry traders riding on these trusts and taking "advantage" of buyers gullibility the moment they push the "buy" button. Buyers then take a back seat and wait for the mailman. Are they paying it right? We'll get this fixed in a while.

If you had ever experienced opening that mail packaged of yours, seing something not as what you expected and then facing the nightmare of trying to get a replacement, a refund or  an exchange. Before you jump into these conclusions that Buying Women Jeans online on eBay sucks, Amazon sucks and other mega mall sites for this mater, lets take a objective look at how we can overcome these.

Auction pioneers & a Bookstore

eBay started out as an Auction website remember?, and has for quite a while gone Amazon. I meant not the books as Amazon used to be but the included BIN (Buy it Now choice). We had been on eBay since 2008 once upon a time and love it thoroughly. eBay protects the seller more in those days from beyond the turn of the century than now, what I mean is they have basically capped the seller from giving negative feedbacks to difficult buyers, encourage sellers to offer free shipping and lo and behold, 10% in after sales charges, not getting the PayPal fees of more than 3.5% excluding the listing fees. The good thing, there is a cap of $250 per month with the selected categories of Clothing, Shoes & Accessories being in. Check these updates on eBay please.

The Amazon Truth

I for one can be a hard fussy buyer and I get my end of the bargain and that began to change when I started this business, selling women jeans. Does eBay protects the seller? Yes they do, more on the powersellers but all of these suddenly changed. If you're new or haven't been selling for months on end, you'll have to yet again build a reputation (that if you already have one) and an only list two items for a start. Would you go to a store downtown, see two items on display in a large store, then buy? Not me for sure but I’ll be curious.  Regular powersellers have been capped as well. If you're making a living selling 10,000 items monthly and suddenly you being capped at 1,500 item telling you to build up a reputation first, this isn’t what big sellers could sallow. Then again remember these mega ecommerce stores have a big market capture like no other and that cannot be ignored since they wanted sellers to adhere to their rules albeit flushing out the bad hats in droves, some smaller sellers too while as a buyer you'll certainly get protected with better services but sometimes not necessarily giving you a better deal. Someone has to absorb the cost these charges, not eBay, maybe the seller and almost certainly the buyer.

Amazon is the same, I would buy, but again the charges sellers pay is just as high. Services are great but getting a good deal, oh well, I'll just stick to my books on Amazon remembering that it started as a book store in 1994 and I do have a affinity with my Kindle purchase but I sensed the monopoly and that tight grip on it. I could spend hours on end happily browsing through Amazon "book" store but I'd searched "women jeans" and 134,301 jeans searched, more than eBay? Topping the first page was one that cost $245 and where was the "search by lowest cost" first? I can view items by the volumes get lost in it and perhaps impulsively hit the "Buy" button and missing on my bargain. Only on eBay, Amazon and some others megemall offers such a carrot of course and here too is where you're most likely to find your perfect women jeans good and cheap, I hope.

What in store is what off store

Wondering where these all these apparel came from? if you guess China, Ukraine, Indonesia, Burma, India, Brazil, Mexico? you're absolutely right. That's where our branded $400 pair of show off yoga pants stuffed up with "Swarovski crystal" probably came from. If you're seeing jeans being sold for less than $10 do consider this. Overcoming higher fees, taxes, I have to take out a big stock, get the best deal, cut down on warehouse, restocking cost and mark up my shipping cost. eBay is aware of the later and sellers final value fees (for sold items) includes the postal fees. Think like a seller and you'll be a great buyer as a seller once told me at a street fair. Cheap is rarely good anyway.

The Final Destination 

Finally, to answer your question on why buying women jeans online sucks? The answer, it shouldn't have to be so. You will find your answers here in our store. We'd listed about 500 to 1000 of quality women denim items from women jeans to stretchy women quality yoga pants and great women wardrobe dresses items on our e1womenjeans.com store. Also too, we've listed in Bay, eBid, Pinterest as well as other locations and offer along the lines of these great women jeans website listing with great services at no extra cost. Perhaps you would like to know e1womenjeans.com do not pay middlemen charges or store fees. You place your order, we make and deliver factory direct. We do not keep excessive stock. If you think buying women yoga pants online still sucks, or dresses, or the new quality stretchy bootcut jeans for example, try us for measure. Measuring up to our statement Quality-Style-Affordability doesn't come to cheap but certainly at a wearable cost that keeps your wardrobe and fashion sense update always at a fraction of the cost.

[ You had arrived at this store e1womenjeans.com and as you can see besides having women jeans that fits and don't go wrong, we have dresses, women designer pants and Yoga Pants for Women. Buying women jeans on e1womenjeans doesn't sucks. ]


Do take some time browsing our store since you're ere, comment as much, what’s missing in your wardrobe, do let us know and I'll personally see if we can help. If you’re a dealer on eBay or other stores, let us know and we’ll be most delighted to assist you. We'll suck up your cost and you, suck up our great deal.

Disclaimer: The author of this article is in no way anti-eBay or Amazon. In fact she is a big shopper & seller on eBay and Amazon and even a bigger fan of free stores like eBid and Carousell. Do not take this article out of context, enjoy your purchases but get a good deal, get protected and enjoy your great women jeans online sale as well.

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Published 27th September 2014

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